Michael Langton completed the Cert. TESOL course at Golders Golders Green College in London is a reputable, professional and safe place to study English Language, English Teacher Training for TEFL / TESOL and to prepare for entry to British University education.Green College in 2010. This is what he said on completing it:

Having completed the course – although it was really hard work, I’m sad it’s over!
I sort of wish it kept going!

I enjoyed all of it – particularly learning new things every day, about the English language and also about how to teach it; making new friends with fellow trainees; and the teaching practise with the foreign students, who were so great.

The students were SO friendly and enthusiastic – it made teaching practise such a positive and fun experience. I looked forward to it every time.

The tutors were really friendly and extremely kind and helpful; they had great senses of humour, and encyclopaedic knowledge, which was really good for them as teacher-trainers, but they were also great English teachers in their own right.

There was a really positive atmosphere, and so many interesting lessons given by the different trainers, almost every hour of every day was something new – it was a really engrossing, intense course, where I learnt so much, and made some really good, new friends.

The Unknown Language part of the course at the beginning was surprising in lots of different ways – I learnt a lot more from this experience than I would have been able to anticipate. It was a very useful way of teaching us many things, and fun too.

It will help me immensely and completely in the future – I wouldn’t be able to teach English without it, and now because of the course I have the possible opportunity of teaching almost anywhere in the world!

I would absolutely recommend the course. It’s a really stimulating and enriching experience – the training, the content, the tutors, fellow trainees, the students you get to teach, and all the different challenges, make it so worthwhile.”